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Carrie Beulah Wilson Waldrep

by William Bradley Dunagan

My grandmother was Carrie Beulah Wilson Waldrep. I never knew my grandfather but I knew this strong willed, very spirited lady we called Grandma Beulah Waldrep.

She was married to George Hamilton Waldrep. George married Carrie Beulah Wilson on 2 Jul 1905 in , Hall Co, GA. The photo above I believe is from their wedding day. He is 20 years of age and she is 19 years old in this photo. Carrie was born on 21 Jan 1886, in Maysville, GA. She died on 6 Feb 1973, in Gainesville, Hall County, GA.

Below is a picture of the George Hamilton and Beulah Waldrep family, taken during the summer of 1939, with George H. and Beulah sitting, holding grandchildren. They had the following children:

Deuward Sherman WALDREP was born 3 Apr 1906. He died in 9 Oct 1983.

James Cicero "J.C." WALDREP was born on 19 Aug 1908. He died on 24 Jan 1964, as a result of a work place accident at the New Holland textile mill in New Holland, GA.

George Richard WALDREP was born on 3 Sep 1913. He died 2 Aug 2002.

Emily Ida Lou WALDREP was born on 24 Sep 1915. She died on 2 June 2002.

Warren Hamilton WALDREP was born on 20 Dec 1920. He died on 18 Oct 1999.

unnamed(female) WALDREP was born on 6 Mar 1925. She died on 6 Mar 1925.

Beulah's father was Cicero Columbus Wilson. Isn't that a great name. Life was not easy for Cicero, born 29 Oct 1856 in Jackson County, GA. He was only seven years old when his father, Posey Wilson was killed at the battle of Vicksburg, MS on 2 Aug 1863, fighting with the CSA, Co. E, Georgia 34th Infantry Regiment. Cicero's mother, Zelma Emily C. Thornton remarried a few years later to Eli Minish and they had several children together.

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At age 22 Cicero(1856-1927) married Sarah Lugenia A. Lord(1859-1931) in 1879, and they had the following children and the fourth child was my grandmother, Carrie Beulah Wilson. Below is a picture from the Cicero Wilson Family Reunion in New Holland, GA, taken in 1939. Below are listed Cicero and Lugenia's aka Lougenia's children:

Mandy Emma E. Wilson
1880 –
Luther Green Wilson
1882 –
Mary Luella Wilson
1883 – 1926
1886 – 1973
Eula Cristy Wilson
1888 –
Polly Pauline Wilson
1890 –
Ella Annie M Wilson
1893 –
Ellen A M Wilson
1894 –
John Posy Wilson
1896 –
Tessie F Wilson
1898 – 1962
Henry Lee Philip Wilson
1901 –

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Posey Wilson(1834-1863), Cicero's father, would have been my 2nd great grandfather. In 1856 he married Zelma Emily C. Thornton(1843- ) and they had the following children:

Virgil A. Wilson
Mary T. Wilson

Posey's father was Micah Wilson(1808-1886) and his mother was Jemima Hogan(1808-1896) were my 3rd great maternal grandparents. They had the following children:

Ephrana Wilson
1830 –
Moren Wilson
1833 – 1862
1834 – 1863
Chadack Wilson
1837 –
John Kelly Wilson
1839 – 1920
Prudence Wilson
1841 –
Mary Wilson
1843 –
Amanda Wilson
1847 – 1928
Micah Bird Wilson
1849 – 1924
Minnie Sis Wilson
1853 –

Michal Wilson's father was John Turby Wilson(1784-1860), my 4th great grandfather, was born in Spartanburg, SC, where he met and married Prudence Bird Moors(1788-1850) in 1804. They moved a year later to Jackson County, GA, where they begin their family:

Mary Wilson
1805 –
1808 – 1886
Nancy * Wilson
1810 – 1905
Milly Wilson
1810 – 1850
Elizabeth Wilson
1815 –
Cynthia Wilson
1816 –
May L Wilson
1818 – 1880
William Wilson
1819 –
Zachariah F Wilson
1820 – 1909
Bird Willson
1826 –
Michael Bird Wilson
1826 – 1917
John S Willson
1828 – 1908
Calvin C Wilson
1829 – 1917
Arminta Irna Wilson
1832 – 1918

The father of John Turby Wilson was William Wilson(1747-1842), my 5th great grandfather. He was born in Fairfax, Fairfax County, VA, on 30 Jun 1747. He married Anne Susannah Shubert-Wright from Bute, North Carolina in 1768. They had the following children:

Fennel H Wilson
1770 – 1845
Michael Wilson
1772 – 1854
William Wilson
1775 – 1839
Nancy Ann Wilson
1779 – 1842
Susannah Wilson
1782 –
1784 – 1860
Henry Wilson
1787 – 1863

William Wilson's father migrated to America from Antrim, Ireland. My 6th great grandfather, James Wilson was born in 1703 in Antrim County, Ireland, which is north of Belfast in Northern Ireland. There is some evidence that he paid his passage through indentureship/bond arrangement and later settled in Rockbridge, Virginia, where he died 7 Apr 1776. He was married to Rebecca Wilson Armour(1728-1820) I also found that at least one of his children, Samuel Wilson(1760-1833) served under Washington in the American Revolutionary War.

John Wilson
1730 – 1799
Matthew Wilson
1746 –
1747 – 1842
Rebecca Wilson
1748 –
Andrew Wilson
1749 –
John Wilson
1753 – 1826
Sarah Wilson
1753 –
Robert Wilson
1756 –
Moses Wilson
1757 –
Samuel Wilson
1760 – 1833
James Wilson
1763 – 1829
Elizabeth Wilson
1765 –

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I'm starting to research my family history on both my mother and father's side. I'm Florence Millington's grand daughter. If anyone can help me start in the right direction that would be awesome! I wish I knew my grandfather so if you have any information about him and pictures, please share. Thank you and it was great meeting you at the 2011 family reunion and I wish my mother (Victoria Houle) and I were in the picture. We may have left before that :( When is the next reunion? Thank you again. Lisa Houle
    email. or, cell is 818 314 3268.

  2. I am the granddaughter of Mary Louella Wilson Reynolds and I am very excited to find this information. I am attempting to connect with more family so if anyone is interested in meeting another relative, my email is I loved Aunt Beulah so much.

  3. My great grandmother was Amanda Wilson, daughter of Micah Wilson and Jemimah Hogan Wilson. According to what I have found, the first four boys in this family died in the Civil war. Also, Prudence Bird Moore, who was Micah's mother, I believe, is listed as a Cherokee Indian from North Carolina. Do you know if this is true, or if she was full-blooded Cherokee (which I think may be unlikely), or what percentage she was, if any? Also, you have the first child in Micah's family listed as Ephrana. I have it listed as Ephraim, and I assumed that he was one of the four boys who died in the war. Was this really Ephrana, a female? I can't find any info on Ephraim at all, and I haven't researched Ephrana as yet. Can you help me with this? I am delighted to find this information about Amanda Wilson's family. Thank you so much for any help you are able to give me. I am also on if you would like to message me there. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

  4. I am so happy to find this. For years I have wondered about my family history. I remember Aunt Beulah very well. The picture you have of the Wilson family reunion includes my grandmother and my father. My grandmother was Ella and my father was Randall Savage. If you have anymore information regarding our family, please let me know. You don't know how excited I was to find this information. My email is